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No I Won't Be Going

Well, as luck would have it, I will not be going to Teesha Moore's class in August. I am going to 2 TSI classes I have to have for work. So I have to sacrifice. Maybe the next one. I bought some beautiful art from a lady who's blog I read. WOW!! Fantastic. I also bought some cooool old fashion looking eye glasses, but these are about 3 feet long and at least a foot high. Very cool. Of course I have no idea where they will be going yet.
Today is my Mom's birthday, 87 and taking care of my Dad with a messed up back from falling 14 weeks ago.  Hope I have that much stamina when I am 87.
Yes I am sick, also. Bad cold in my head............................Yukky!!

Hanging in There

 I have been swamped with work and a few life challenges this last couple of weeks. Between being gone teaching a class last week and my Dad's heart attack this week, I am over loaded. 
My Dad is home, but still weak and just trying to accept what has happened to him. 89 years old and worked for his lawn business just last Friday. This happened on Monday. WOW!! 
My Mom is 86 years old and worked along side him for the last 26 years. Daddy mowed and edged, Mom pulled weeds and SWEPT, yes swept the side walks, bagged the clippings and took it with them. NO Blowers for them. Old School. At one time they had 76 accounts. Recently they had cut down to 10 accounts close by them. Daddy told the Dr yesterday, he had to get better so he could go back to work!! Needless to say, the Dr was NOT amused, but Daddy was SERIOUS!! He will be 90 in July.
I hail from Workaholics, and that explains alot. about me. Gotta do it!
Now for a little good news...............................I found out yesterday that Tracy & Teesha Moore are hosting a journaling retreat in August in Washington. I want to go, but one small WORK thing might keep me away, of course. I will know more today..Fingers crossed.

Trying to Post a Pic

OK Now I can't figure out to post pictures. Hmmm must figure that out.

I Have a Real Blog!!

 Oh my. This is going to be a very artsy place...

Wow! I have a REAL LIFE Blog!!

Woo Hoo!! I can't believe I finally was able to get this done. I have a different email address i wanted to use but it wouldn't work, so I used my old stand by:)
i will try to keep up with this one better than my others. Later. 



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